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About us


We are pleased to introduce our honorable visitor with brief words about Hiba Company, which began its work in 2012 by importing infant formula and complementary foods for children, which provided us with specialized scientific expertise in this field.

That encouraged us to open the factory of Hiba Company:


  • Global crises, which caused weak supply chains and frequent disruptions to distribution channels, defecting our social responsibilities with our customers.


  • We have a team of experts who constantly improve the quality of products and provide the latest technology to ensure that the ideal needs of children that parents and doctors aspire to met.


  • Encouraging  friendly  companies and  the trust of our customers was the biggest incentive for our success and entering the world of competition with  international  companies.


Our happiness at Hiba Company is completed by reaching more global markets to provide our high quality and reliable products to the largest number of  families  around  the  world.

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